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Explore the diverse success stories of our clients at Sparkz Marketing, where our top marketing professionals have consistently elevated brands through tailored digital marketing strategies. From boosting SEO rankings and lead generation to rebranding initiatives and impactful social media marketing, our agency's proven track record spans across various industries, delivering tangible results and solidifying our reputation as a trusted partner in the realm of internet marketing.

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    In January 2023, Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric, a home services company, faced a significant challenge in maximizing their ROI through Google Ads for their companies. Despite a considerable ad spend of $291,201.72 over 4 months, the company struggled to convert clicks into meaningful leads and completed jobs. The conversion rate remained low at 0.59%, leading to a high cost per conversion of $90.31. This inefficiency in lead generation and conversion threatened the company's growth and profitability targets.​


    The conversion rate more than doubled from 0.59% in 2023 to 1.35% in 2024, indicating a significant improvement in the effectiveness of

    lead generation efforts.


    The number of conversions surged from 3,224.20 in 2023 to 12,007 in 2024, reflecting the success of the targeted optimization strategies

    in driving actionable leads.


    The enhanced lead generation and conversion efforts translated into substantial revenue growth, with revenue doubling from $1,047,902.92 in 2023 to $2,131,269.95 in 2024.


    Despite a substantial increase in ad spend from $291,201.72 to $613,152.53, the cost per conversion decreased significantly from $90.31 to $51.07, demonstrating a more efficient utilization of advertising budget.


    By effectively optimizing their Google Ads campaigns and focusing on generating quality leads, Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric achieved significant improvements in conversion rates, cost efficiency, and revenue growth, positioning the company for continued success and expansion in the home services market.

  • Challenge:

    Cascade Tree Services, a local tree care company, had ineffective online advertising. Despite their efforts to run Google Ads independently, the results fell short of expectations, leaving the company frustrated and uncertain about the best path forward.


    Despite an investment of only $6,000 in Google Ads from Jan to Mid-April 2024, Cascade Tree Services achieved 61 conversions, equating to approximately $100 per conversion. Our implementation of Google Local Service Ads yielded exceptional results, generating 261 leads at a low cost of $37 per lead, with a total expenditure of $9,800.


    Due to their success, they couldn't handle the additional qualified business they were receiving and asked us to stop advertising efforts.

  • Challenge:

    When Oaks Dance Studio, a dance coaching startup, reached out to us, they confronted a common hurdle encountered by many new businesses: the absence of an audience. Despite their passion and talent, they faced the daunting task of connecting with their target demographic and fully tapping into their growth potential.


    Our team quickly devised a comprehensive strategy centered around social media management and audience engagement. Leveraging our expertise, we crafted a plan to amplify Oaks Dance Studio's online presence and foster meaningful connections with potential students.


    Due to their success, they couldn't handle the additional qualified business they were receiving and asked us to stop advertising efforts.

  • Challenge:

    Allstar Service & Repair, a trusted provider in maintenance and repairs, approached Sparkz Marketing with a pressing challenge: lackluster website traffic, low search engine rankings, and dwindling online visibility. They were struggling to attract the attention of potential customers and capitalize on digital opportunities.


    We launched targeted Google Ads campaigns to maximize their visibility and capture the attention of prospective clients. Simultaneously, we revamped their website, creating captivating landing pages and service-specific content to enhance user experience and encourage conversions. We also bolstered Allstar Service & Repair's social media presence.


    Within 1 month, they experienced a remarkable surge in ad impressions, soaring to 480,000. This increase in visibility translated directly into tangible results, as they witnessed a doubling of leads and a substantial uptick in phone calls from interested prospects.

  • Challenge:

    For 22 years, Admiral Plumbing had been striving to break through the $2 million annual revenue barrier. Despite their expertise in their industry, they found themselves facing challenges in effectively leveraging their marketing efforts. 


    We developed a multifaceted approach including: SEO to enhance their online visibility, content marketing efforts spanning blogs and social media platforms, and strategic placement of Google Ads to maximize reach and engagement. Additionally, we leveraged traditional marketing tactics such as eye-catching signage, wrapped vehicles, and billboard campaigns to further amplify their brand presence.


    Within 18 months, Admiral Plumbing experienced a substantial increase in annual revenue, soaring to $3.5 million. By consistently delivering informative and engaging content across various platforms, they enhanced their online visibility and attracted a broader audience base. Also, our strategic utilization of traditional marketing channels helped solidify their presence within the local market, further fueling their growth.


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